Music & Lenses

Music & Lenses: Interview With Lucy Rose

… (music) gave me a great creative outlet Lucy Rose, Hunting Hearts I started playing guitar when I was 11, a few years before I got into music properly. I wanted to play guitar because I thought it’d make me cool at school, though that didn’t exactly work out. However, over the years, when I discovered music more thoroughly, it gave me a great creative outlet. It was something I could rely on for myself, remind myself I could still […]

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Luke Rainsford

Music & Lenses: Interview With Luke Rainsford

Mostly I like to hang around and talk to fans though, without them, I am nothing Luke Rainsford My first guitar was a Washburn acoustic, and it was brought for me by my Mum. I was originally a drummer, but I’d started to learn guitar with some friends. My family never had much money at all, but she wanted to support me in something I was passionate about, and I’ll always be thankful of her for that. Musicallly I was […]

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Georgia Challinor

Music & Lenses: Interview with Georgia Challinor

Just be yourself! People have come to see you / your band because they like you. Georgia Challinor I started playing drums 14 years ago, when I was 8 years old. At the time Avril Lavigne was really big and I wanted to play guitar just like her, but I was really bad so asked for drum lessons and have stuck with it ever since. I have been playing shows in various bands for ten years so don’t get too […]

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We Know John

Music & Lenses: Interview with We Know John

The energy from the crowd drives us along and knowing that people enjoy listening to what we enjoy playing is an incredible feeling. We Know John We were nameless for about 2 years with many ideas floating around but we couldn’t get a unanimous decision. Ultimately we have a drummer called John and we all know him, it was the only name that didn’t get rejected but in hind sight we could have tried a little harder. We came together […]

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Locate The Harbour – Heartbreakers 6/10/2018

Music & Lenses: Interview with Sam Skelton

“… from Blink 182 covers that just haven’t quite gone to plan and lead singers stripping on stage” Sam Skelton It’s hard to say what my proudest defining moment was as a guitarist, but rather it was more a period where we started a band with my three best mates at 16 years old. Looking back at it now, we played a lot of shows with some great artists and managed to accomplish some pretty awesome things, we just didn’t […]

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Theo McBride - Music & Lenses

Music & Lenses: Interview with Theo McBride

I played it 3-4 hours most days learning all my favourite songs Theo McBride I started playing drums around 12 years of age, starting with seeing my dad perform with the Southampton orchestra as a percussionist. From here I graduated to playing with knives and forks on a table, by 14 I received my first drum kit an electronic one. I played it 3-4 hours most days learning all my favourite songs. By 16 I had my first acoustic kit, […]

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Kings and Castles

Music & Lenses: Interview with Kings and Castles

When we start working on new songs in practice it’s honestly one of the best feelings in the world. Kings and Castles (Ross) I’ve always found history fascinating and as a child was forever reading about Kings as the stories about them. I have always loved visiting historical sights and trying to imagine how different life was then, especially when visiting Castles. When we were looking for a band name, we thought of various names by writing down things that […]

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The Edit

Music & Lenses: Interview with The Edit

We have a few plans for festivals this year. This year’s gonna be the one. The Edit Our music making and writing process varies with each tune, but typically, I (Sam Carter – Lead Guitarist) will come up with the basis of a song with a riff, a chord progression or melody. Then Campbell (Campbell Kent – Lead Vocals) and I will usually jam it together. He’ll chuck in some lyrics and a melody line, the catchy stuff, and once […]

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The New Shoes

Music & Lenses: Interview with The New Shoes

I would probably be playing and writing songs in my bedroom to this day if it wasn’t for that guy Elliot Shulman, The New Shoes The music process for The New Shoes is a two step process. The first step will be mine alone (Elliot Shulman) – the songwriting. Ideas and inspiration will slowly build and when the time feels right I will write a few songs in a short space of time. 3 songs of the current set I […]

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