Georgia Challinor

Just be yourself! People have come to see you / your band because they like you.

Georgia Challinor

I started playing drums 14 years ago, when I was 8 years old. At the time Avril Lavigne was really big and I wanted to play guitar just like her, but I was really bad so asked for drum lessons and have stuck with it ever since.

I have been playing shows in various bands for ten years so don’t get too nervous anymore but recently I have been playing drums for Luke Rainsford. I’ve recently been working on my singing / backing vocals and in my band Evertim is usually chicken out but he has really encouraged me and given me the faith to try in his set.

Natal drums, Zildjian cymbals and Promark drum sticks

I’ve fallen off of my drum throne a few times which is quite embarrassing. Luke had a show in Southampton recently and there were loads of random toilet rolls on stage!

Just be yourself! People have come to see you / your band because they like you. Think of it as excitement rather than nerves! I like to have a pre show routine to help combat the nerves.

I like to warm up. Listen to loads of uplifting music (usually Ariana Grande) and make sure all of my gear is set up properly.

When I was growing up I would practice every single day to the point where I cracked the ceiling. Now that I have grown up, have a job and live in a little flat, it is harder to play drums! I stopped playing everyday after I finished university which made me really sad. I’ve made it my New Years resolution to play as much as possible and squeeze in practice pad time every night. Rudiments are SO important to improve chops and technique.