Kings and Castles

When we start working on new songs in practice it’s honestly one of the best feelings in the world.

Kings and Castles

(Ross) I’ve always found history fascinating and as a child was forever reading about Kings as the stories about them. I have always loved visiting historical sights and trying to imagine how different life was then, especially when visiting Castles.

When we were looking for a band name, we thought of various names by writing down things that inspired us or we had interests in. Kings and castles came up and it immediately felt right and had a ring to it. Personally I (Ross) always try and go with my gut Instinct and the name just felt right.

We have all known each other for coming up to two years now. We met simply through an advert about making a band and it all started from there. As soon as we meet we felt like we had already known each other for years so knew we would have a great relationship with one another.

We had all been in bands previously but had all felt we still had something to give to the World musically. We had never achieved our previous dreams and felt we had unfinished business. There was a sort of spark the first time we all played together. You could kind of feel the electricity in the air. Musically we all came from fairly different backgrounds but once together we knew exactly what sound we wanted and the songs flew out.

Generally it will start with Ross or Aiden writing some music which could be either just a catchy riff or the full song. Ross will put some rough lyrics together and we send these parts across to each other to get a general feel for the song.

If everyone likes the vibes we start work on it at the next practice. When we start working on new songs in practice it’s honestly one of the best feelings in the world. We go through the song in sections and discuss what we think will work until we are all playing it the whole way through and are completely satisfied with the content and structure.

Firstly we plan the set during practices before the show to make sure we have the set time right and a nice flowing performance. Then on day of the gig we simply have a mini band huddle before going on and talk about how grateful we are for getting to share our music with others and that they are actually interested in hearing our songs. This gets us hyped up and then we go on stage buzzing!

There have seriously been so many highlights for us already in the short time we have been together. I think the last time we played The Joiners, we had a “moment” on stage where the crowd were just unbelievable and going mad for us. I remember I got my phone out and asked to take a photo of them all so we could re-live the moment. I still look at that photo everyday and count my blessings for being given the opportunity to live that moment with the crowd that day.

Currently it’s all about building on from the foundations we have set. We imagine it a bit like building a castle. We have chosen the land and started laying the stones however we are always looking to build it bigger and stronger and to have more and more people inside our castle. We are set to tour the UK in September this year amongst other things. Next up our single Bevvy is released on 1st Feb which is to be followed by another 3 singles over the coming months.