Locate The Harbour – Heartbreakers 6/10/2018

“… from Blink 182 covers that just haven’t quite gone to plan and lead singers stripping on stage”

Sam Skelton

It’s hard to say what my proudest defining moment was as a guitarist, but rather it was more a period where we started a band with my three best mates at 16 years old. Looking back at it now, we played a lot of shows with some great artists and managed to accomplish some pretty awesome things, we just didn’t realise it at the time because we were having so much fun. It’s a time I remember extremely fondly and it yielded a lot of valuable experience.

There has been a lot of funny moments performing live, due to the unpredictable risky nature of it all. Most of them have unfortunately been funny because of the tragedy and are now comical in retrospect. These include playing to crowds smaller than the band itself, Blink 182 covers that just haven’t quite gone to plan and lead singers stripping on stage.

My musical inspirations change with the wind. I’ll get into a new band in a big way, really dissect them musically and then want to write songs in that style. Then I’ll find a new artist and the cycle repeats itself. However the first band I really fell in love with was the Red Hot Chili Peppers and subsequently John Frusciante became a key influence at a young age.

Being a musician is key part of my identity, it’s a way I define myself and try and stand out from other people. It’s usually the first thing I’ll bring up in conversation when meeting someone new. In short, if it stopped playing music, then I would feel a bit less….special.

I will be practicing music most evenings. Since those previously mentioned early days in the band I have gone on to play bass other projects and have been slowly teaching myself the drums which takes up most of my practice time at the moment. I enjoy the fresh perspective I get from learning a new instrument and hope it will make me an all-round better musician when the next opportunity comes knocking.