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We have a few plans for festivals this year. This year’s gonna be the one.

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Our music making and writing process varies with each tune, but typically, I (Sam Carter – Lead Guitarist) will come up with the basis of a song with a riff, a chord progression or melody. Then Campbell (Campbell Kent – Lead Vocals) and I will usually jam it together. He’ll chuck in some lyrics and a melody line, the catchy stuff, and once that’s sorted, we get out and play it together with George (George Noonan – Drummer) and Pez (Sam ‘Pez’ Petrou) as a band in a rehearsal. Everyone chips in with this. We chop and change bits together as a band. After a few runs we’ve usually got it down

In the 2 years we’ve been together, our music has evolved in so many different ways. For starters Campbell is way better at singing. We’re all much better musicians that we were when we started, and we know each other and the way we play so well it just comes naturally. The writing process is pretty much the same. It’s always worked that way, but now we all make suggestions with everything we write. We’ve probably evolved as mates mainly because that’s what it started with.

The biggest challenge we have is staying organised with gigs, rehearsals, recordings and social media along side uni, work and going out. Ideally we need someone who can help us manage all those things. Know any managers?

Last year we played the Common People Main Stage which was a quality day for us at our first festival. We also headlined & sold out The Joiners in Southampton. Those were both huge moments for us. We have a few plans for festivals this year. This year’s gonna be the one.