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I played it 3-4 hours most days learning all my favourite songs

Theo McBride

I started playing drums around 12 years of age, starting with seeing my dad perform with the Southampton orchestra as a percussionist. From here I graduated to playing with knives and forks on a table, by 14 I received my first drum kit an electronic one. I played it 3-4 hours most days learning all my favourite songs. By 16 I had my first acoustic kit, a 90’s piano black tama rockstar, and upwards from there.

My famous memory would have to be, playing with Don Broco, currently one of my favourite bands. Didn’t know them at the time then though. Favourite part of playing live would have to be the feeling of nailing a section in a song, or when the rare moments of musical energy on stage where everything just fits.

My currently favourite is Benny Greb, I adore his style, I’ve since become a fan boy and have several of his signature Byzance sand cymbals. I think he’s the best technically proficient groove drummer out there at the moment.

I’ve started after a two year break to come and give drums another full on go. So it’s gone from nothing for two years, to 10-15 hours a week. I’m fortunate as I live down the road from a studio which rents out a acoustic drum room, so I’ve gone from nothing for around two years, to three to four times a week, which I love.